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angel investors The secret about running successful internet businesses is when you able to capture the email address of the people coming to your website. Venture capitalists seek new investments..


Author: ijiyemi olayiwola

I discovered recently that a lot of people are just interested only in making money on the internet without considering the basics of internet businesses; this is what I refer to as foundation for failure.

That is why my recommendation to those who want to start internet businesses is training so that they can get to know the in and out of particular internet business they want to go into.

As I said earlier on people attitude to starting their desired internet businesses, I don't really want you to see this as a kind of insult but the truth of the matter is that many people do not really understand what it takes starting an internet business.

First, you need to understand that any internet business you are start is to solve someone's problem in the direction you want to go because internet itself is a tool for providing the needs of people.

For instance, what I know how to do best is teaching other people exactly I run my internet businesses successfully that is why you can see this blog in existence and my other websites specially built for the same purpose.

So once you discover the needs of some people, that should be a niche for you and if you can provide the solution to their problems then you are on your way to making huge amount of money on the internet.

Now let's assume that you have discover some people in need and you have the solution to their problem at hand then the next thing is for you to get a domain name: a domain name is the name of website you see all over the internet like, and so on. So you need to get yours and mind you only register for a domain name related to your internet business. For example, you want to go into a niche of dog training then you register a domain name in the form of

For a recommended site where you can get your desired domain name click here

The next thing for you to do after registering for your domain name is to get a web hosting space: that is where you will upload the website you will build which I will explain next line but for now let me say that you don't need to register a domain name in a place and register for a web hosting in another place so you can register you domain name as well as you web hosting space in the place I recommended above.

The next thing for you to do after you have registered your desired domain and your web hosting space then you have to build your website to market the solution you have package into an information product. But you don't have to pay a huge sum amount of money for that just go ahead to get FrontPage software on your system. But before you start designing your mini-website go and get a sales copy to explain and attract people to buy the information product that entails the solution you got because this is actually what you will use in designing you min-website.

Search on Google for a ghost writer who can write sales copy for you for few dollars.

After this is done you can use the sales copy to design your mini-website and upload the website to the web hosting account for everybody to see it online.

Mind you, you need a payment processor for you to get your money from buyers so you can go to for one so that people can buy from you using any form of the payment.

If you have done all this and you there forget leave this point am about to mention then you are in for a loss. The secret about running successful internet businesses is when you able to capture the email address of the people coming to your website because they may actually not buy at their first contact with your site. So you need to get what you can use to capture the email of these people. You can get one here even for free by clicking here and you will also get to know the effective way of using it on your website.

Whaooh! Now our website is online for everybody to see.

If you are through with this then the next thing for you to do is to get people to your site because nobody knows you on the internet so you need to use all the available means to get people to your website. Just go over to Google to search for free means you can promote your website, there you will be loaded with a lot of tips and mind you be warned not to buy any product on getting people to your website (traffic) because the free information you will get is the same thing online Gurus package for selling on the internet to make money.

Finally, you are done just keep checking are far you are going on sales and I wish you are very successful internet business which will be raking in six figure income for you in Dollars before the year runs out.

About the Author:

My name is Ijiyemi Olayiwola.I am renounced internet marketer, the owner of and i am specifically base on selling information poduct on the internet and helping to place what people need right at their front.